Prior to the advent of the World Wide Web, USENET newsgroups were widely used as media for text-based discussions on the Internet. In an effort to bring order out of chaos, individuals who participated in these online discussions took it upon themselves to publish Answers to Frequently Asked Questions that arose in the context of these discussions, publications which became commonly known as "FAQs." FAQs that were approved by the *.answers team were published on the USENET newsgroup news.answers along with at least one other USENET newsgroup.

The INTERNET ESQUIRE website was originally created as a showcase for a collection of FAQs that were compiled by David F. Prenatt, Jr. and published on various USENET newsgroups beginning in 1995. These FAQs were of particular interest to people who were applying to and/or attending UC Davis Law School, commonly known as "King Hall." However, these FAQs also covered a wide variety of topics of interest to people who were applying to UC Davis and/or residents and visitors to the nearby college town of Davis, California. In time, the coverage of these FAQs was expanded to cover Yolo County, California and the nearby community of Sacramento; FAQs covering the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of California are works in progress that remain unpublished.

While USENET remains an excellent medium for FAQ distribution, the primacy of USENET as an online discussion medium has long since faded. As such, the USENET versions of the FAQs listed on this page will, in all likelihood, eventually be replaced by their Web-based counterparts. Meanwhile, INTERNET ESQUIRE has blossomed into a business consulting service for attorneys who are interested in cultivating a presence on the Internet.