INTERNET ESQUIRE is a business consulting service for attorneys and other legal professionals who wish to cultivate a presence on the Internet. To this end, INTERNET ESQUIRE provides confidential website evaluations for leading law firms throughout the United States and Canada. Through bar certified Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) programs, INTERNET ESQUIRE also provides the larger legal community with information and advice about the latest trends in website design, development, and promotion.

The INTERNET ESQUIRE website was created initially as a showcase for a collection of Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (commonly known as "FAQs") that were compiled and published by David F. Prenatt, Jr. shortly after he graduated from UC Davis Law School (commonly known as "King Hall"). These FAQs covered a variety of topics, but were of particular interest to people who might be attending King Hall and/or UC Davis. Meanwhile, these FAQs attracted the attention of various attorneys who wanted to learn more about the Internet.

In addition to providing information and advice about the Internet, INTERNET ESQUIRE provides legal research, case intake, and litigation support for licensed attorneys on a temporary and/or contract basis. INTERNET ESQUIRE can research and draft legal opinions and other memoranda, meet with and interview clients and potential clients, review and evaluate case files and discovery, cite-check and proofread motions and other legal documents, and assist in every aspect of civil litigation and criminal defense up to and including appeals, writs, and other post-judgment proceedings.

Finally, INTERNET ESQUIRE provides technical training for attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and legal assistants. Such technical training can be as mundane as word processing or as esoteric as website design. Simply put, there is a huge gap between the fields of law and computer technology, and INTERNET ESQUIRE fills that gap.